Lisa Mathison-Wood is a bodyworker and teacher trainer, specialising in rehabilitation, dance and elite athletes.

With over 20 years experience, Lisa draws from her work as a
• Professional ballet dancer
• Dance teacher
• Pilates teacher
• GYROTONIC® method teacher and Master Trainer
• Myofascial release, Thai yoga massage and craniosacral practitioner.

Lisa is a leader in her field with a particular interest in scar tissue.

Her highly skilled eye and knowledge of biomechanics enable Lisa to really tune into the subtleties of the body.

Lisa's ethos is to treat each person as an individual. As an individual, each day will require something different.

‘Know where you are, to get where you are going ' LMW

With Lisa's experienced 'hands on' work and personalised instruction, you will get to know your body intimately, with all its kinks. From this self-awareness, you move forward towards living more effortlessly within yourself.

Lisa believes that each lesson is a co- learning experience. Her wish is to empower people to feel how great it is to move freely and comfortably.

Her style is holistic and goes between technical and free flow modes. She believes that too much of one of these modes creates tension and that striking a balance between the two is key to being a masterful teacher.

Breath is a key element to her teaching because without freedom of breathing, movements are merely mechanical and not embodied or effective.

Currently, Lisa conducts GYROTONIC® teacher training throughout many cities in Australia and worldwide.

Lisa is trained in all aspects of the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® including all specialised equipment and the GYROKINESIS® method.

Lisa has pioneered the GYROTONIC® method in Australia, first bringing it to Sydney in 2003.

She has trained many teachers who have gone on to run successful GYROTONIC® exercise studios throughout Australia, some of whom Lisa has successfully guided to become pre-trainers themselves.