This is what past students have had to say about Lisa and her teaching of the GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Methods:

Lisa has a wonderful attitude towards teaching. She is very astute at depicting different body types and the ways in which they will respond most effectively to movement and exercise design.

I have gained not only a large part of my foundation training thanks to Lisa, but the ability to observe human movement accurately to treat clients holistically. (I am a physiotherapist). The knowledge I gained from Lisa on how to watch clients move has been so valuable to my physio profession.

Highly recommend training with Lisa!! She is so knowledgeable and realistic as to how to pitch her knowledge to different people!!

Gyro has given me the ability to observe human movement in its most natural form. This has revolutionised my ability as a physio to pick poor movement patterns and then treat them effectively.

Thank you, Lisa!!!

A. Hubbard 

Physiotherapist GYROTONIC® Instructor
Orange, NSW

Initially, I was unsure of what GYROTONIC® had to offer apart from aesthetically beautiful movement.

I am so happy to have done the foundation training as it has brought me to a whole new level understanding human movement.

Lisa has both challenged me and encouraged me to explore in such a nurturing and supportive way and I am so happy to have worked with such a knowledgeable, articulate and open soul.

K. Semple

Professional Dancer, Pilates Instructor

GYROTONIC® Instructor

Lisa has a gentle and relaxed teaching style, creating a reassuring environment giving you the confidence to explore the exercises both in your mind and body.

Lisa presents her material with an in-depth knowledge of the body and with a keen sense of anatomy and movement. To anyone wishing to embark on the GYROTONIC® journey, you will have a wonderful teacher in Lisa, she happily imparts her knowledge in a creative and fun way, hoping that you will gain a greater understanding of the movement for yourself and for the people you teach.

GYROTONIC® has given me a greater understanding and awareness of my body.

I thoroughly enjoy helping people discover this for themselves in their own bodies.

Thank you, Lisa, for your warmth, support, knowledge, and encouragement, I look forward to continuing my GYROTONIC® experience with you.

Lisa Davis

Energetic Pathways Queensland

Lisa's GYROTONIC® training is remarkable! Being a professional dancer, Lisa has an innate sense of human movement and kinesthetic awareness. She is able to demonstrate and teach complicated, three-dimensional movements with precision and grace.

As a physiotherapist and national level athlete, I have a strong understanding of the art and science of human movement. Through personal GYROTONIC® practice with Lisa, I have been able to take my body to new, refined level of performance. 

Using three-dimensional movement patterns, she has taught me through the practice of the GYROTONIC® system; I can create freedom of movement beyond my own personal limitations. Through the use of dynamic breathing, I have been able to perform intricate, movement patterns with skill, fluidity, and grace. 

Lisa has helped me transform my own body, unlocking myofascial tension, improving my cognitive awareness and regaining postural stability. 

She has played an integral role in my personal development, preparing me for my GYROTONIC® instructor certification this August.

Thanks, Lisa. You are amazing!

Maria Bewcyk

GYROTONIC® Level One Apprentice
Sydney, NSW

Lisa not only inspires you with her knowledge and experience, she teaches with passion and absolute conviction. Even when you feel like giving up, she motivates and supports you with great care and respect.

A truly inspiring and generous teacher.

Sarah Fitzsimons

Licensed GYROTONIC® Instructor
Seachange Pilates (NZ)